ASX Delisting

The Company delisted from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 25 November 2019. Shareholders with holding on ASX, have two options: Option 1 - convert shares to Depositary Interests (DIs) and trade on AIM; or Option 2 - do nothing and retain your shareholding in an unlisted company.


In order to trade your shares on AIM, shareholders will firstly need to convert their Shares to DIs and can do so by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Engage a suitable broker

If the shareholder’s current trading arrangements are not suitable, they must first engage a suitable Australian broker. You can choose to use any Broker so long as they have an affiliate Broker based in the UK, as this will be necessary to complete your transaction. 

Alternatively, you could choose to appoint Argonaut as your Australian broker:

Argonaut (Perth)

Contact person: Harrison Massey


Ph: +61 8 9224 6829 

Lastly, you may wish to appoint a broker based in the UK. A list of UK brokers can be found via the London Stock Exchange website

Step 2: Complete documentation / instruct broker

Complete the Depositary Interests Issuance (Australian Register to UK DI Register) form that was sent to shareholders in the post and is also attached to the letter in the link below, and return this by post with original certified ID and original share certificate, to Computershare’s Global Transaction team to:

Computershare Limited - Global Transactions Team 

PO Box 103 Abbotsford

Victoria 3067 Australia

On the Depositary Interests Issuance (Australian Register to UK DI Register) form in the “DI issuance and delivery instruction” section a shareholder will be asked for “CREST Participant” information. The CREST Participant is the UK broker in this case, so the shareholder’s UK broker should be able to provide the information required.


Existing shareholders who choose to take no action will not be able to sell their shares on AIM. The only way they will be able to sell their shares will be if they individually arrange for someone to purchase them ’off- market’. If shareholders choose to take no action the share certificate issued after delisting will be the proof of ownership.

Further details and the Depositary Interests Issuance (Australian Register to UK DI Register) Form can be found in this letter.