Range Resources Drilling Services Limited (RRDSL)


RRDSL is an established oilfield services provider, with successful track record of operations for almost 15 years. RRDSL has been providing Range with full oilfield services in Trinidad since 2003, including waterflood, drilling and workover operations.

RRDSL has one of the highest quality rig fleets in the Caribbean capable of supporting a wide variety of oilfield operations, including drilling and production rigs, cementing equipment, tracked carriers, tanker trucks, storage tanks, and a full workshop and pipe yard.

RRDSL previous third-party clients include numerous E&P operators in Trinidad, including Shell, Touchstone Exploration Inc, Trinity Exploration and Production and Columbus Energy Resources. The Company continues to actively tender for work with numerous providers in both Trinidad and Latin America. 

Further information on RRDSL and its services can be found on the website: www.rangedrilling.com.

To find out more about RRDSL, visit www.rangedrilling.com.